Research Agenda

The College formulates research agendas that are in consonance with the national, regional, and CSU R&D agenda and with the other aligned government agencies such as the DOST, NHERA, and NEDA.




Smart Learning technologies

Smart Learning Technologies Program deals with advanced technology's application in education segment and explores technological involvement within the interaction between educators and learners. It collects researches on the enhancements of teaching and learning through technologies in creating a digital education surroundings and analyze the most recent trends of technology use in education. Implements new development of technologies that enables learners to learn more effectively, efficiently, flexibly and comfortably. It can create effective digital learning environments that supply convenience to learners and keep up with the dynamic demands of the digital age.


Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

The Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Program focus on the development of methods and algorithms for the aggregation, analysis and visualization of data to strategize and manage business processes and policies. Research under this program are centered on the application of techniques in data engineering, data science and artificial intelligence to generate actionable insights from big data.


ICT Support for Sustainable Development

ICT Support for Development Program supports the UNDP or Global Goals which are universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. ICT will act as an enabler to all goals that are interconnected with each other since its success are interdependent. ICT support will make the interconnection effective and efficient.


Cyber Intelligent Systems

Cyber Intelligent Systems Program refers to the emerging computing systems based on intelligent techniques that has a coherent set of components and subsystems working together to engage in a goal-driven activity. Researches under this program could perceive, learn, and respond to the world around them as well as have the capacity to gather and analyze data and communicate with other systems. It includes not just intelligent devices but also interconnected collections of such devices, including networks and other types of larger systems and come in many forms and have many applications, form processing huge data sets to controlling robots and drones. The ideas and concepts are drawn from, but not limited to AI and IOT.